Living Room Shows

November 3, 2009

Rocky Living Room Show

Thanks to everyone who has made this year’s living room shows such a success!  Your support has been unprecedented and we look forward to doing more in 2010. If you haven’t had a chance to check one out head over to for more details.  These shows are limited to very few tickets and many shows have already sold out.

David Bazan Living Room Tour

Rocky Votolato Living Room Tour

curse-your-branches-350Curse Your Branches is available for pre-order! You’ll get access to a free stream of the record if you order before Sept 1. CDs will be shipped to arrive by the Sept 1 release date. LPs will ship a few days later. The LP will ship with a code to download the mp3s. GET IT NOW


Matt Pence and Will Johnson are having an art show at Good Records in Dallas on Sunday, August 16th. 7-9pm.

It’s a joint exhibition that will include Matt’s photography and Will’s baseball paintings. There may well be some music involved with the whole thing, too. Stop on down. It’s free!

Good Records
1808 Lower Greenville Ave.
Dallas, TX 75206

Will Johnson Art
Matt Pence Photos


It’s been a while since a band has wowed me and the Chicago-based group calling themselves Shadows on a River has done just that.  I haven’t stopped listening to their debut since it arrived in my mailbox (thanks Undertow!).  This is the best unsigned band I’ve heard so far this year. (READ MORE)

Undertow welcomes St. Louis’ Grace Basement to the roster.  The band will release its sophomore record, Gunmetal Gray via Undertow on July 9, 2009.  The record will be available at the Undertow Store, Itunes, Amazon, Emusic, and more…


June 25, 2009


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We are clearing out some of our old stock to make room for new stuff coming in this fall. You can save 20% on all orders until June 29. Use coupon code SUMMER20 when you check out. SHOP: Undertow Store


Adam showing Sarah how our mail order system works. Or maybe they are watching something funny on the internets?


Adam and Sarah being serious. Um, why is there a bottle of beer on the desk?


Sarah loves the sending packages to foreign countries.


What’s with the beer?


Adam taking a break.

Jay Walter Bennett

May 24, 2009


We are profoundly saddened to report that our friend died in his sleep last night. Jay was a beautiful human being who will be missed.

UPDATE MAY 27: We want to thank everyone who sent their condolences from around the world. It’s nice to know there are so many people whose lives were touched by Jay. We are all getting through this together.

UPDATE MAY 29: Smile Politely, a blog based in Champaign-Urbana, asked me and other friends to write something about Jay. I thought I’d post it here too.

There are so many great things I remember about Jay. He was one of the smartest and funniest people I knew. He was the kind of person who would call or e-mail just to talk and make sure you were doing okay. The business part of our relationship was always secondary.

There’s no single story that defines Jay in my mind. There have been so many times when I was blown away by his music. So many times I laughed so hard I thought I was going to cry. “Hot for Buffalo” will be remain one of my favorite inside jokes. Edward, Scott, Will and Paul know what I’m talking about.

One of my favorite experiences with Jay; he was mixing The Palace at 4 a.m. at a studio in Chicago. They had mixes going in the A and B studios. He was running back and forth listening to mixes in each control room and then giving the engineers notes on what to do. It was exhausting and amazing to watch him work. He knew exactly what he wanted each song to sound like. Up until then I had only heard random bits and pieces of songs. I have to admit I was worried because the songs sounded like train wrecks. I could not understand how all the pieces would fit together. Once they had a final mix of “Talk To Me,“ Jay sat me down in front of the speakers and played it for me. I could not believe it. So many weird subtle things going on. But they all fit together perfectly like a beautiful puzzle. As I sat there listening, I looked over at Jay with a big smile. He pointed at the speakers right when I expected to hear a guitar solo. Banjo! What the hell? How do you put a banjo solo the middle of this upbeat pop song? Well, he did and it worked. That was Jay … he was able to fit things together that should not fit together and make art out of it. He made the impossible possible.

The thing I remember most is how much he cared about his Mom and Dad. He talked to them every day. They were a big part of his life. I hope they know how much Jay meant to everyone who knew him.

My heart is breaking for Jan, John, Kate, David, Edward, Matt, Jefferson, Jonathan and everyone who was close to Jay.

— Bob Andrews

We are excited to welcome Shadows on a River to the Undertow management roster. Their debut album is available on iTunes now and will be released on limited edition CD in June.

contact: Adam Klavohn

centro-live-dallas1Centro-matic will be doing one tour in 2009. Don’t miss your chance to see the band this year.

Enter to win a Will Johnson house show or “Centro-matic for Life!” at the shows.

Will Johnson House Show: He’ll come to your house and play a show for you and up to 20 friends. We’ll figure out a mutually agreeable date sometime in 2009 for this to happen.

“Centro-matic For Life”: Every Centro-matic, South San Gabriel and Will Johnson album past and future and two free tickets to any show anytime for life! (does not apply for festivals where we don’t control the ticketing).

Thu 05/07 – Dallas, TX – Granada Theater
Fri 05/08 – Springfield, MO – Randy Bacon Studio
Sat 05/09 – St. Louis, MO – Off Broadway
Mon 05/11 – Chicago, IL – Schuba’s
Tue 05/12 – Minneapolis, MN – 400 Bar
Wed 05/13 – Dekalb, IL – The House Cafe
Fri 05/15 – Austin, TX – The Parish