Overseas: Debut Album in 2013

February 27, 2013


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Tim Kinsella will be playing a few JoA solo shows in February. Come out and say hello!

Feb 15 : Mickey Finn’s  / Toledo, OH
Feb 16 : Cafe Bourbon St. / Columbus, OH
Feb 17 : Motr Pub / Cincinnati, OH
Feb 22 : High Dive / Champaign, IL
Feb 23 : The Demo / St Louis, MO
Feb 24 : The Lift / Dubuque, IA

Buy his music from Polyvinyl Records!


David will be touring in Europe in January & February for the first time in a few years and will be digging deep into his catalog to play Pedro The Lion songs along with Headphones and Bazan solo songs.

Marco Z will be supporting all of these shows.

24 Jan : L’an Vert / Liege (B)
25 Jan : The Lexington / London (UK)
26 Jan:  Buffalo Bar / Cardiff (UK)
27 Jan : The Castle / Manchester (UK)
28 Jan : Broadcast / Glasgow (UK)
29 Jan : The Lemon Tree / Aberdeen (UK)
30 Jan : Brudenell Social Club / Leeds (UK)
31 Jan : The Basement / Brighton (UK)
1 Feb : Ekko / Utrecht (NL)
2 Feb : De Unie / Rotterdam (NL)
3 Feb : Fachwerk / Munster (D)
4 Feb : Hasenschaukel / Hamburg (D)
6 Feb : Debaser Slussen / Stockholm (SE)
8 Feb : Roda Sten / Gotenborg (SE)
9 Feb : Debaser / Malmo (SE)
11 Feb : Privatclub / Berlin (D)
12 Feb : UT Connewitz / Leipzig (D)
13 Feb : Kafe Kult / Munich (D)
14 Feb : Fluc / Vienna (A)
16 Feb : Le Bourg / Lausanne (CH)
17 Feb : Fri-Son / Fribourg (CH)
19 Feb : Ligera / Milano (IT)
20 Feb : Chet’s / Bologna (IT)
21 Feb : Checkmate / Genova (IT)
23 Feb : Be Cool / Barcelona (ES)
24 Feb : Siroco / Madrid (ES)
26 Feb : Mercado Negro / Aveiro (PT)
27 Feb : Pop Torgal / Ourense (ES)
28 Feb : Kafe Antzokia / Bilbao (ES)
02 Mar : Espace V / Paris (FR)
03 Mar : La Malterie / Lille (FR)
04 Mar : Cafe Video / Gent (B)

See you soon!

Tim Kinsella / Joan of Arc!

January 8, 2013


We’re happy to announce the addition of Tim Kinsella / Joan of Arc to our management roster. We’re working on a lot of exciting plans for 2013. Stay tuned!

We’re very excited to be helping Julia put together another Living Room Tour!

We’ll make this as easy as possible for the hosts. All you have to do is let us borrow your living room for a couple of hours and in return you’ll get 5 free tickets for your friends and our eternal gratitude.

We have most of the shows confirmed now. But still need hosts in a few towns. Please read below and get in touch right away if you can host a show in or near one of the cities in bold below.



Friday, March 8 // Thousand Oaks CA – CONFIRMED
Saturday, March 9 // San Diego CA – CONFIRMED
Sunday, March 10 // Garden Grove CA – CONFIRMED
Monday, March 11 // OFF
Tuesday, March 12 // Fresno, CA – CONFIRMED
Wednesday, March 13 // Merced CA – CONFIRMED
Thursday, March 14 // Berkeley, CA – CONFIRMED
Friday, March 15 // Rohnert Park CA – CONFIRMED
Saturday, March 16 // Carmichael CA – CONFIRMED
Sunday, March 17 // Dixon CA – CONFIRMED
Monday, March 18 // Eureka CA – CONFIRMED
Tuesday, March 19 // OFF
Wednesday, March 20 // Salem OR – CONFIRMED
Thursday, March 21 // Portland OR – CONFIRMED
Friday, March 22 // Portland OR – CONFIRMED
Saturday, March 23 // Vashon Island WA (Seattle) – CONFIRMED
Sunday, March 24 // Woodinville WA (Seattle) – CONFIRMED

Here’s how it works.

1. You have a house or loft space that can comfortably and safely host 40-50 people. A place with a big living room, finished basement or other large indoor residential space would be ideal. There needs to be enough parking nearby and your neighbors should be cool. It would be a huge bummer if someone called the cops because of all the extra cars and people coming to your house. You probably shouldn’t do this if you live in a small apartment with a bunch of uptight neighbors or a cranky landlord.

2. The shows will not be open to the public and no tickets will be sold at the door. We’ll pre-sell all tickets for each show on our website before the show. Be realistic on how many people your place can hold. We need to know how many tickets we can sell in advance.

3. Ticket prices will be $20.

4. We’ll provide you with a detailed list of everyone who will be coming to the show. This way you won’t have to deal with money. All you have to do is check people off the list as they arrive.

5. The host gets 5 free tickets for the show. If you have other friends who want to come to the show you can direct them to the link to buy tickets on-line.

6. The shows usually start at around 8pm. We’ll ask people to arrive around 7:30pm. It should be over by around 10:00pm. We’ll make it clear to everyone that they should be out of your house by 10:30pm.

7. You don’t need to provide any sort of sound system. We’ll need to borrow a couple of chairs and some kind of ambient lighting like a floor lamp.

8. Your home address will not be published on the web and only given to those people who purchase tickets.

9. The shows will not be promoted or advertised anywhere except our websites.

After reading all of this, if interested please send an e-mail to:
bob@undertowmusic.com and adam@undertowmusic.com

Please include a photo of the space where you would like to host the show and put “Julia Nunes Living Room Show” and the city in the subject line of the e-mail.

We’ll review all requests and get back in touch to confirm shows once we have a routing figured out.

Thanks for your help!


Pre-order for vinyl packages start on Monday, December 17th at 1pm (central time).

The digital album goes on sale the same day and is available 320k MP3 or high-resolution 16bit 44.1 WAV files.

* IAMACEO on vinyl.
* IAMACEO t-shirt.
* Limited edition art print signed and numbered by Jason Martin.
* Full-album 320k MP3 or 16bit 44.1 WAV download link emailed to you after the purchase.

* IAMACEO on vinyl.
* Full-album 320k MP3 or 16bit 44.1 WAV download link emailed to you after the purchase.

Side A:
Bicycle Rider
Is This All There Is
Open Hands
Father John

Side B:
Red Tide
Though My Door
Pot of Gold
I Feel Black
My Light

Produced by sf59
Mixed by JR McNeely
Mastered by TW Walsh
Vinyl was cut from hi-resolution 24bit audio with no digital limiting.
Records pressed in Cleveland, OH by Gotta Groove Records.

Rocky Votolato announces his final shows of 2012. Hope you can make it!

12/27 Thu – Bielefeld, DE – Willkommen Zuhause Festival SOLD OUT
12/28 Fri – Hannover, DE – Kulturpalast
12/29 Sat – Leipsig, DE – Moritzbastei


TW Walsh: Pawn Shop Guns

October 19, 2012

about the video:

There’s some really brutal writing throughout Songs of Pain and Leisure, particularly regarding relationships – our relationship to others, to the objects we surround ourselves with, and to American culture at large. I was hoping to depict that connection and disconnection, visually, with “Pawn Shop Guns.” The kernel of the idea was a person’s head singing the song, in real-time, with the body doing everyday things (e.g. drinking with friends, playing with a gun, doing chores, etc.) in time-lapse. The result would hopefully be a kind of optical disconnect. We did some test shooting and while we were happy with the way the footage looked, the feasibility of doing multiple, 3-5 hour, non-stop shots presented a big challenge. So we searched for other ways to detach the body, to give the whole video a time-lapse feel without the restrictions of shooting in time-lapse. What we settled on is a technique called frame blending, which removes certain frames and then “fills in the blanks” while allowing us to shoot in real-time. The end result – which utilizes remapped footage, frame blending, and over crank variations with some color grading, light leaks, and film burns – evolved quite a bit but still expresses, hopefully, the core of that original idea.

My finding of the Galassi Brothers is a trophy etched with fortune, oddity, beauty, and space.  Hailing from just outside Petersburg, Illinois, these two Otherworld siblings and I diligently forged a friendship unbreakable by many large bears. In the Fall of 2004 I was in our attic, looking through a box of pride, when I found their heads.  I posted two different listings in the Greensheet for their bodies, carefully jarring and preserving the heads in a concoction of ice and Gogurt.  The ice represented the brothers’ solidarity, composure and calmness, and the Gogurt represented a type of yogurt that is eaten on-the-go.  After seven weeks, Blue Man Group contacted me, stating that they had the matching bodies in good condition. A union and meeting place was agreed upon to reassemble the components.  Boomer and Adam, in their newfound and at the same time, original conditions, immediately went on to artistic victory, writing and creating films such as Troubadours and Salt Creek County.There were more conduits, though.

In 2006, I found Tahmus Rounds on the sepia-drenched, cooling dusk of a late September sunset.  Bossman and I had driven some nineteen hours from Texas in a Nissan, and he greeted us at the steps of an early 1970′s A-frame home.  He was without a shirt, but wearing decorated wings.  We embraced, agreeing upon common connections while two Springer Spaniels played at the base of the steps.  The sun went down, the quadrant was complete, and we quietly made inner blood pacts to create things whenever time allowed.

Under a ceiling of Hurricane Isaac’s spinoff storms, we recently spent an afternoon flirting with the ambiguous but tender relationship between two individuals, and taking advantage of access to a fully charged golf cart.

– Will Johnson / September 2012.

Will is hitting the road this fall to support his new solo album “Scorpion”, with his friend and New Multitudes collaborator, Anders Parker, playing a mix of traditional club shows and intimate acoustic living-room sets.

Tickets for Living Room Shows are on sale now!


Tickets for venue shows will be available from the venue websites.

THU Sept 13 – Mobile, AL @ IMC / Satori Coffee House
FRI Sept 14 – Waverly, AL @ Living Room Show
SAT Sept 15 – Birmingham, AL @ Living Room Show
SUN Sept 16 – Atlanta, GA @ Living Room Show
MON Sept 17 – Athens, GA @ Living Room Show
TUE Sept 18 – North Carolina  @  TBA
WED Sept 19 – Baltimore, MD @ Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
FRI Sept 21 – Philadelphia @ Living Room Show
SAT Sept 22 – Rosendale, NY @ Market Market
SUN Sept 23 – NYC @ Mercury Lounge
MON Sept 24 – Boston, MA @ Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
TUE Sept 25 – Montpelier VT @ Living Room Show
WED Sept 26 – Buffalo, NY @ Living Room Show
THU Sept 27 – Cleveland, OH @ Living Room Show
FRI Sept 28 – Chicago, IL @ Schuba’s
Sat Sept 29 – Saint Louis @ Off Broadway
Tue Oct 2 – Dallas, TX @ Texas Theatre
Wed Oct 3 – Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald’s
Thu Oct 4 – Austin, TX @ Cactus Cafe